Angels of Earth

Dear Friends,

As great Chinese Master Lao Tzu said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” I took that important first step to become conscious, when I was merely 3 years old. It was then that the seed of transformation with a strong feeling of love and care for all animals and fellow beings, was sown inside me. I saw a poor animal, who had no clue about what was in store for it, waiting to be sacrificed for the Goddess at the temple. It was the first time ever that I was witnessing such an incident of an innocent being slaughtered with no mercy whatsoever. It was at that moment, when the poor animal went through an inexplicable pain ending its life, that an indescribable feeling stirred deep within me. An emotion twirled my heart, and I felt, beyond any doubt that we are here to love our fellow beings, no matter what. That thought was nailed way deep into me.

When my parents tried feeding me with meat for the first time, I rejected it straight away. Even though I was small, I tried explaining to them that we humans were supposed to care of and nurture the animals. We are not to harm them by any means and for any cause. It was not immediately, but after a few years of this incident that the other members of my family too gave up eating meat. As they gradually began to understand me, they too realized that we are supposed to care for all sentient beings around us and help them in their evolutionary process.

I was fortunate that I always had the fullest support of my family. As I grew up, my love and care towards animals and fellow human beings grew stronger, and through my experience it became obvious to me that violence in turn creates violence, by whatever means it may be created. I had a strong feeling that I had to do something for the welfare of my fellow beings. I was fortunate to have Dr. Newton beside me, who believed in me and my dreams. He was prepared to be with me under all circumstances, lending his support at all levels. His support made me channelize my thoughts and work on my dream for it to come true. Thus ‘The Angels of Earth’,is born. To support it literally is created the ‘Voice of the Animals’, a magazine dedicated to the welfare of the animals and other fellow beings that live beside us. Each issue of this magazine the ‘Voice of the Animals’ will be dedicated to one particular animal, for its voice to be heard by the whole human race. This first issue has been dedicated to Dolphins and Whales, the angels of the ocean.

I have always thought that if a small girl like me could transform the entire family into vegetarianism, why can’t we all, by holding our hands together, transform the whole world into a more caring, compassionate and loving World? Why can’t we let every being on this earth live with due respect and dignity? Why can’t we allow them to taste their own freedom?

When Christ said, “Love thy neighbor”, he didn’t mean that only for the human neighbors, but also for minerals, plants, animals and all other beings around us on this planet. They are the real angels who have descended on to this planet earth to teach us about unconditional love. It is we humans who have to learn from them, and inturn care for them.

I am certain we all can do it together. Indeed, I can see that it has already begun. The journey is too long....but then, the first step is here. Let’s work together for a planet full of love and compassion!

So Be It.

Hail unto Mineral Gods!!!
Hail unto Plant Gods!!!
Hail unto Animal Gods!!!

Love and Light,
Dr. Lakshmi G.V., M.B.B.S.